Square Feet


Free Use Registry Repair  v.1.0

Convert any of the following to all the other measures: Square Miles, Acres, Square Rods and Square Feet. Here's how it works. Leave all the boxes blank except the one you want to covert. Enter a number in the box you want to convert,

Convert-O-Gadget  v.

What does it do? It's a handy tool to help you make conversions from one unit of measurement to another. Did you measure your living room in square feet, only to find that carpet is sold by the square yard?


CZ Plotter Monitor  v.3.0

Monitor architectural and engineering plotter's printing activity and recover the printing cost based on the total square feet

Better Deal  v.

This program will save you money the first time you use it. For example, at the supermarket you see 2 sets of paper towels. One is 704 square feet for $10.29 and the other one is 610 square feet for $8.99. Which one is more cost effective? Better

Area Conversion Tool

Area Conversion Tool allows you to easily convert between area units like acre, hectare, square mile, square kilometer, and many others.

Construction Calculator  v.

Construction Calculator lets you do math in feet and inches so you can easily find out what 2’ 2AL” - 2A?” is. In addition: • Calculate stairs • Estimate roof material quantity and cost • Fnd the amount of concrete needed for a footing

OceanDive  v.1.4

OceanDive is a unique combination of a 3D marine life screensaver and a scuba diving exploration game

Home Plan Pro  v.

Many CAD programs are designed for architects and engineers. Thesecan be expensive, as well as hard to learn, and difficult to use. Home Plan Pro is designed to quickly and easily draw good-quality, straightforward designs.

CleanOpsStaff_ProMobile  v.

CleanOpsStaff-ProMobile-Wp7 for Window Phone 7 (UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD AUDIT FILES DIRECT TO PC) CleanOpsStaff-ProMobile-Wp7 for Window Phone 7 is intended for use by those involved in the facilities cleaning or custodial services operations. It can be

LandscapeCalc  v.1.4

LandscapeCalc is the only tool you'll need to calculate how much soil, mulch, and rock you need for your landscaping beds.


Square-Off is a puzzle game, based on the japanese "nonogram" puzzles (Sometimes called Griddlers, or paint by numbers). Your object in the game is to uncover all the black squares in the grid. To help you solve the puzzle, the number of black squares

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